Great Day at Providence Zen Center

Saturday was a beautiful day to meet with – and learn from – fellow Dharma Teachers. John and Garret attended the Saturday portion of the 2016 Dharma Teachers Retreat at the Providence Zen Center in Cumberland, RI, this past weekend. Shown above is the Peace Pagoda on the Zen Center campus. So great to see Barbara Rhodes, Zen Master Seong Hyang, after too many years.

Detention? No, Meditation!

Imagine you’re working at a school and one of the kids is starting to act up. What do you do?

Traditionally, the answer would be to give the unruly kid detention or suspension.

But in my memory, detention tended to involve staring at walls, bored out of my mind, trying to either surreptitiously talk to the kids around me without getting caught or trying to read a book. If it was designed to make me think about my actions, it didn’t really work. It just made everything feel stupid and unfair.

But Robert W. Coleman Elementary School has been doing something different when students act out: offering meditation. (Upworthy)